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Etoricoxib de 30 mg/day; or (b) any other therapy; for 30 days. 2. Patients (who are under 60 years old) should have: a. a PDA with battery operated oscilloscope for blood pressure and pulse measurement (measured bilaterally); or b. an arteriovenous-venogram (a blood pressure meter with an external ECG monitor). c. A PDA that has built-in baroreceptor and can be checked daily for blood pressure or pulse. d. An ECG for monitoring of QT interval and/or abnormal or absent heart rhythms. e. A PCA for evaluating atrioventricular block. 3. Patients (who are younger than 60 years old) who undergo PCI and receive a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) within 36 months after an anterior knee arthroplasty shall also have a PDA for measuring: (a) QT interval; (b) atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) or electrocardiographic sinus intervals; (c) changes in the left ventricular ejection fraction (LVF); or (d) changes in the left or right ventricular preload ejection fraction. 4. Patients with the following conditions (that cause atrial fibrillation, a T-wave, or bradycardia with T-wave amplitude greater than 3 on ECG) and who have had two TKAs within 36 months should have PDA's: (a) abnormal electrocardiograms obtained by electrocardiography, and/or (b) a new atrial fibrillation, left T-wave prolongation, or right prolongation in the ECG obtained interim. If abnormal electrocardiograms (which may be the initial event) or new atrial fibrillation, left T-wave prolongation, or changes in LV diastolic blood pressure are found, a PDA need not be completed until the abnormal electrocardiograms have completely resolved. 5. The PDA must be performed after a second TKA and can be repeated in three months if: (a) the abnormal electrocardiograms or new atrial fibrillation, left T-wave delay, or LV diastolic blood pressure are the only changes. (b) one or more of the following four conditions apply to the patient: 1. left or right side, 2. atrial fibrillation, 3. left or right T-wave prolongation, 4. new atrial fibrillation. 6. If an initial PDA is performed and the abnormal electrocardiogram and/or new atrial fibrillation did not resolve, a PDA that covers both atrioventricular (AV) and ventricular (Va) conduction systems shall be carried out after any two episodes of TKA within the next 3 1/2 months. 6A. A PDA should not be repeated after an atrial fibrillation episode within the next 2 years. 7. Patients should have the PDA available for immediate review at the discretion of physician treating patient. 8. After any two episodes of TKA within the next 3 months, patients should have a PDA that covers atrioventricular (AV, VF, or VA) and ventricular (Va) systems performed. 9. Patients with the following conditions (involving VF, a T-wave, or bradycardia with QRS complex greater than 90 ms) and who have had at least one previous TKAs within the past 6 months shall be evaluated according to the Farmaco generico di omnic procedures described above. Such patients are at high risk for further complications from the first TKA. 11. In this patient population, a new PDA should be evaluated to detect atrioventricular block. If the PDA is negative or not performing as designed, the physician should initiate atrioventricular block procedure described above and review the data obtained for PDA. 12. If this patient population has previously had one or more TKA within the last year, physician need only evaluate the PDA again within next 2 years. 12A. The PDA is performed to detect a potential atrioventricular block, left T-wave prolongation, or right atrial enlargement; the abnormal electrocardiogram is found, and the cause continues to be under investigation. 13. In a patient who has had two TKA within 6 months of each other, both a new atrial fibrillation, left T-wave prolongation, or right atrial enlargement, and a left T-wave prolongation or right atrial enlargement, two fresh PDA's should be performed. 14. After two TKA within the next six months, physician shall.

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